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Uppingham Road Methodist Church first opened in February 1929, and is situated in the city of Leicester in a busy area which often has lots of people around.  The photo to the right shows our foundation plaque which was on the front of our building - click on the photo to view it enlarged (this will open in a new window).  Our building has had many changes since we first opened, and most recently we have modernised the frontage of the building and have made it much more accessible for disabled people, with a new ramp to the front entrance, a lift from one level to the other, and new toilets.

Our church congregation, meeting for services on Sundays at 10.45am (see worship), consists of a mixture of different ages and backgrounds all working together.  All are welcome to join us, and we normally serve drinks after our services too.  We are a caring church, and have a committed group of pastoral carers, who work along with our minister, caring for all in our church family, and making it a safe and friendly place for all.

Our Church is in the Leicester Trinity Methodist Circuit (see their website), and also part of Churches Together in Humberstone working together with other local churches.

As well as on Sundays, we have many regular church activities and events that you can find out more about on this website.  With these activities we welcome those from the local community as well as church members, and if you want to join us I’m sure you’ll find us a very hospitable and friendly church. 

Our Minister is Rev. Israel Selvanayagam.  He can be contacted for community funerals, baptisms, weddings & confirmations.

As well as caring for those in our church family, our church is interested in the needs of others nearby and far away and regularly supports charities working to help others.  Some examples are that each year we fill shoeboxes of gifts to send abroad for the Operation Christmas Child appeal, we support Action for Children, Christian Aid week, and are a Fairtrade church.

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Our Church aims to be:

A Welcoming Church

Loving God

Loving People

Loving the World


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